Approximately 22 hours ...

That’s how long there were only two scooters in my garage. After selling that albatross of a Helix Saturday afternoon, I of course went back to my continual Craigslist/FB Marketplace search for more 2-wheeled motorized conveyances. On Saturday this 2005 Kymco ZX50 was listed at $180, and I thought, “Hmmmm ... maybe.” Well, Sunday it dropped to $120, so I showed the ad to my wife. To my surprise, I got the green light!

The ad claimed it would start with a jump and starter fluid. I brought cables and a can of ether to confirm that. It did, and a C-note took it home. It’s beat up pretty badly, has no title, was last registered in 2013, and has a tank full of varnish. I reckon with a clean fuel system, a new battery, and some creative reassembly I can get this 2-stroke 50 back on the road.


I think the reason my wife let me do this, is because on Friday we were hanging out with some friends, and discovered they both have their motorcycle license but never actually bought any kind of bike. We all want to go scooting together. I didn’t pitch this purchase as a flip. I pitched it as something we can lend to friends so they can ride with us, and if they drop it no fucks will be given.

I played with it a little last night. I hooked up a charged but marginal battery I took out of service from my Zuma, just to see if the electrical worked. The turn signals and brake lights all work, but I get no headlights or taillight. I had a heck of a time finding the headlight switch, and curiously I found it between the starter button and the kill switch.


That’s when I learned that Canadian models do their headlight switch differently. Yep, somehow this little 50 made it’s way all the way to Chicago from Canukistan. According to the license plate frame, with a stop in Ithica, NY.


The kilometers make it faster!

Anyways, the switch didn’t change anything, still no head or tail lights. I need to figure out where they’re hiding the fuses on this thing. Hey Rallydarkstrike, do you have a manual for this thing by any chance?


Oh, for S&Gs, I hit the starter button. It fired up instantly, presumably on whatever starter fluid was left over. She wants to live!

I gotta say, while it’s been over a year since I bought a vehicle, I really thought I was going to go calendar year 2019 without buying one. The sickness, it is real.

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