I need to get back on Oppo/Jalopnik more often, I have to say I've missed it. I've been working like crazy installing pools and had to drive a trailer today.... let's just say that didn't go so hot. I DD a 99 Civic and have to drive an F-350 for work and just when I started getting a feel for the truck, my boss throws this bad boy into the mix. Holy shit I was boned. Driving a trailer is so ass backwards for me. I completely had to change how I take turns so I didn't rip people's bumpers off then I had to figure out how long I was for left turns/right on reds, another challenge. I got used to all that rather quickly but when the time came to backup, I was all sorts of fucked. I just gained a new level of respect for people who are skilled at pulling these around because it's quite a bit more difficult when you're first starting than people make it look like. I am glad I had the opportunity to drive it though, new driving experiences spice things up!