That straight pipe VQ life (2004 350z Review)

I’ve heard them numerous times at Cars and Coffee. I have always liked the Nissan 350z’s stellar looks and customizability. When the owner of a 2004 automatic 350z said he would let me review his I was instantly on board. Sure, automatic, but it would still give me my first impression of the platform.

I gauge my passion for a car with the time spent on Craigslist after the review. And I spend a decent amount of time there checking for 350z’s only to be greeted with low mileage convertibles... which... are hideous with the top up. Lets ignore the fact it has no place in my garage because #family and #adulting. Can’t quite toss those kids in the hatch now can I?


What is your opinion on the 350z’s? Needs less straight pipe VQ?

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