This weekend I found myself in possesion of a very boring, beat to hell, high mileage, beater Tahoe. This expression of vehicle is about the 4th choice for what I was looking for. My criteria were as follows:

1. Cheap (Sub $1K)

2. Can haul stuff from Home Depot

3. Suitable for mild soft-road/off-road adventures for camping

The order of desirability was Ford Ranger/Mazda 2500 > Full Size pickup > Jeep Wrangler > Full Size SUV > Small SUV.

That said, one of my closest friends mentioned in passing he was getting rid of a 1996 Tahoe. He didn’t want a ton of money for it, and it was running well. He could use the cash and I could use the car. A deal was forged.


The Bad: Mid 90's Clear Resistant Paint, Speed Sensitive Steering computer is idiotic, Leather interior is torn, mild to medium oil leak, Vortec 5700 motor isn’t a great candidate for much in the way of performance mods.


The Good: Add a leaf upgrade makes it a wee bit higher, Drives pretty well all t hings considered, CHEAP AS HELL, body seems free of rust, sporting (old) BFG tires that I rather like.

It’s everything that my Mazda 6 isn’t. It’s big, cumbersome, vague steering, old, high miles, POS. But it’s rather fun to drive, and with the recent home purchase I really wanted something I could throw some lumber in. It’s already moved a bed for my mom. While far from my first choice, I think it will be a damned fun POS to beat on out in the desert.