Today I took the E46 M3 I was looking at for a PPI and as it turns out the car is a big turd (to put it lightly). The mechanic took about thirty minutes and told me to "run away" from this car.

First off the rust is way worse than I or the dealer had thought and whoever tried fixing it (it wasn't the dealer) ended up just Bondo'ing over it in the quarter panels meaning its only a matter of time before it eats its way through. The brake rotors and lines would need to be replaced (to be fair I had expected that of the rotors). The worst was the rear end, The mechanic first asked if I felt any lurching taking off from a standstill which I had (felt like letting slack out of a rope) and then showed me that there was A LOT of play in the rear axles, the mechanic told me the whole rear end would probably explode meaning I'd have to replace everything and expected the job to be in the 5-7k range. The rust was a deal breaker and the eventual rear end problems put the proverbial nail in the coffin. Luckily the dealer was understanding and agreed to give me a call if they got any other cars.

However, I now am pretty sure that I can not look at any other cars. The M3 ticks every box for me, it is bloody amazing. (Except the shifter feels exactly like my dads Ford Fusion Sport)