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That sweet, sweet sound of Jay-Z

Wait. Wrong Jay-Z.

I’m talking about the 2JZGE that lives under the hood of my new (to me) car (Still trying to think of a name for it).

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Pic is from the day I brought it home. Pretty clean, I verified the timing belt is new-ish (I still bought a new kit w/water pump & VVTi cam gear). The tires in the pic were much too tall (225/55), so I bought new tires in the stock size (215/45). I kind of like the G37 wheels on it, even though the Plasti-Dip will probably need to be redone in the near future. I found my second Oppo sticker and installed it yesterday.

And now, I’m pining for it. I left this morning to come down to Sacramento for the fires. This Nissan Sentra rental isn’t terrible, but it’s not my car. I’m also the Mt. Rainier run with Toyota Syndicate_NW. Now that I have a nice, reliable car, I’ve wanted to take my daughter on one of these. Maybe I’ll be home for the October “Stonehenge” run.


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