At least, that is what everyone seems to believe. I am no stranger to cars with higher horsepower numbers. At least not anymore. My first taste was a 2009 CTSV, and then it took a while to hit the next king, the 2015 HellCat Charger, and I thought that was plenty quick from a roll. Then came a GTR, which was blisteringly fast 0-60.

I honestly thought that the HellCat would remain the rollrace king of my channel for the foreseeable future. Cars that are capable of mind-blowing speeds are less likely to end up on my channel. It takes a special kind of car enthusiast to share their cars with what is effectively a total stranger that just happens to make YouTube videos for a hobby.

But, luck had it that I reviewed a red 2015 Mustang GT last year. The topic of a Supercharger was already breached in that review. A few months ago it actually happened. It took some time to get dailed in, but once it was the review was planned.

Verdict? Below:

I think it is really hard to find a fault in that Coyote motor after this...