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That time I reviewed a 500hp 2008 WRX

My daughter saw this car and went: “I like the purple wheels on it. This angle pretty much the most flattering. The front end? Not so much. Although, that is always in the eye of the beholder.

I’ve driven a few Subaru’s now, but this car was by far the most fun to drive. I was genuinely surprised at the way this one drove. Usually cars lose drive ability when you throw twice the wheel-horsepower than stock at it. Not so with this one.

The only thing that seperates this from a stock car is manners when going WOT. It’s a little waiting game till 4000rpm, but then, the gates of hell open up!


What do you think of Cars like this one? Cool? Not Cool? Money better spent elsewhere first or just right the way it is...

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