Hey Guys and $kaykog! Today our west african adventure takes us to Koforidua.

If you haven't been following west african adventures is the story of my life when I lived in Ghana, from 2007-2008. To find other posts go here:


Some days ago me and some home boys (Andrew and James (in blue)) took a day trip out of Accra to Koforidua which is the capital of Ghana's Eastern Region.

Here is a map!


It was a real nice trip, we went to look at some waterfalls.

We got onto the tro tro which by the way was the nicest tro tro I have ever seen here in Ghana,we took the congested Madina Rd- out of Legon towards Adenta, which is the northernmost edge of the city.


The road wound up out of Accra through some nice hills, from which you can look at Accra's majestic glory, the chaotic low rise skyline of the city.Once past these hills we came to a town called Aburi, a woodcarving place where they make traditional masks as well as all sorts of other practical wood carved goods.Past Aburi we rumbled along, a very atmospheric ride, through the lush tropical jungle without much in the way of human habitation.

We then arrived in Koforidua, which appears suddenly, one moment your in the jungle, and around the next bend all of the sudden your there.We got dropped at the tro tro park and got ourselves in a taxi to take us to Boti falls the object of our visit.

Driving to the falls we rode north of Koforidua along a paved road for about 10 minutes until we turned onto a smooth dirt track, and made our way along it to the entrance gate.


There we were assigned a guide. We went to see some caves first, which you can see in the picture, they were kinda cool, but nothing too spectacular.

Here is me in the cave!


Then we went up the mountain on a trail that was quite rough to a rock formation they called the Umbrella Rock, this giant beast of a rock was a harder type of rock on top of a softer type of rock, so over many years the softer rock underneath has gradually eroded away.We climbed up these bamboo ladders to the top and chilled out, you could see pretty far as you can see in the pictures.


To the rock!!

I remember climbing up these ladders was scary as shit. You actually get quite high, and they aren't confidence inspiring.


Unfortunately the jungle setting was somewhat diminished by the usage of a chainsaw a ways away, but it wasn't too loud, because the guy was over towards the village, quite a distance.

Here is , andrew (in white) and James (in blue) and I a top the mighty rock!


I told you them ladders was scary!


After relaxing up there for maybe an hour we went towards this farmers house where he showed us some palm tree that had grown 3 perfectly symmetrical trunks, this part kinda annoyed us cause while I was informed I would have to "dash" (pay) the owner of that land "small small"(Pidgin english for not a lot) the dash turned out to be larger than expected. Anyways we went back along the trail and arrived by the gate, then descended the 250 steps to the waterfall.Along the steps on the hill there were some massive trees.These trees put cedars to shame, they were humongous.I cannot really estimate the diameter or height with great accuracy but I feel like the diameter was like 4-5 feet meaning a circumference of about 31 feet very roughly.



Regardless they were big.When we got down to the waterfalls we took a dip, in the cool water after our hike and goofed around in the waterfalls.


Afterwards we drove back to town, and got some fufu with some antelope.It was thoroughly awesome, then we went to get a couple beers, and went back to the lorry station.

Koforidua sees very few obrunis (white man) so when we were walking around we drew quite a bit of attention, but it was a pleasant enough town, much smaller than Accra, and way quieter (and cleaner).


Anyways back at the lorry station we had to wait quite a while for our tro tro to Accra to fill up, so we waited and waited, and started buying street food from people who carry it around on our heads.We went a little overboard with the street food thing deciding to sample, fried doughnut balls, shrimp with a pepper sauce, oysters, peanuts, crackers, and fried plantain chips.

It was a good thing our tro tro left when it did cause after all that we were stuffed.

Anyways we got to the northern edge of the city at rush hour, which is insanity so we sat for an hour but eventually made it back to campus.


Post script:This is pretty well my last memory of my friend James.He would die the following April (this was December) while out doing what he loved: hiking and being in the great outdoors. James slipped off of some rocks, fell into the river and was carried over a waterfall to his death.


Although James and I only knew each other over the period of 4 months, we saw each other everyday and grew quite close.James had a good head on his shoulder, and was wise beyond his years.He was 22 when he died.Rest in peace James, I miss you.