A week ago a friend purchased a Toyota Crown Athlete V, which he tells me is the sporty one compared to the Majesta and Royal Saloon and whatnot. That said it’s a single turbo 1JZ auto.

What it lacks in sport it makes up for in amazing Japanese luxury. Crazy dark tint on the rear windows, swinging air vents, grab handles on the backs of the front seats for rear passengers, and those corner markers on the fenders that glow green in the dark for some reason. It’s just too cool. Huge too - I fit comfortably in the trunk.

Yes the MR2 looks like shit. It’s filthy.
Rear grab handles. More on the roof as well. Dooooooope

For a while I was trying to figure out what car had turned up that had a similar 3-circle taillight pattern. Then I realized I was staring at an identical Crown Athlete V! It’s the only interesting car we saw for the night (save an Aventador SV).

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