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That time our receptionist almost got George Takei's yellow Datsun 280 Z

The receptionist in my old office knew I was a nerd and loved Star Trek. So one day she asked me if she had ever told me her George Takei story. This is before George Takei got super famous again... lets say 2006-2008.

Here is that story.

Nancy lived in a rental house in southern California (LA) in the early 1980's. When she was ready to move north to Sacramento she cleaned her house had it inspected by the property management company and awaited to get her rental deposit back. The owner never returned the rental deposit so she took the owner to court. The owner ended up being our beloved Mr. Sulu from Star Trek fame.


Mr. Sulu did not appear during the court proceedings against him to defend himself. Since Nancy had left her house in excellent condition the judge ruled in favor of Nancy and put a lien on Mr. Sulu’s real property for Nancy to recover her losses. The property was a 1978 Yellow Datsun 280 Z.

When Mr. Takei found his car was going to be confiscated and sold to pay Nancy her rental deposit of $500 he quickly relented and returned her rental deposit, thus keeping the Yellow Datsun 280z.

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