So my mechanic is going to start the 5 speed swap next tuesday, says I will be able to pick it up next thursday night. I am so anxious to see it completed and to drive it. I know its gonna be kinda jerky to drive with the automatic ECU, but I have double clutching for that. (Auto ECU doesn't hold RPM's while you shift, manual does, but no 850R's were manual in the US from the factory.) I feel kinda dumb now for leaving it at his shop yesterday, now I have nothing to do tomorrow. Just a wash and vacuum of the V70 T5. Lame. Even more lame is that after I get the car back, I will have to ship the ECU to get a tune optimized for manual transmission and a motronic 4.4 upgrade. I will be 850R less for about another 4 days after. But the car will have some kick after that.

Thanks for reading, have a picture of my T-5R sent to me by its new owner!

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