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That was a day

-woke up to snow. Which continued for most of the day.


-Resurrected the WehrWagon (complete with Jalopnik sticker) for consumption by the ex. Who was snide about it, until realized it was A) free B) 50 bucks a month to insure C) actually damn comfortable D) smooth as hell to drive, and brakes EXTREMELY VERY well due to hydroboost (GM might have been on to something there I think). And E) when the ex is done with the wagon I offered to buy it back for the value of whatever they put into it for tires and maintenance etc.


-poked around under the hood. Need to do valve cover gaskets and the oil itself is blacker than Satan's taint. Otherwise, pretty solid. Found out the aftermarket rear air bags will hold air! Promptly raised the car several inches from drop. This wagon don't stance.

-Had my trainee show up on site today and tell me "Aren't you just a walking narrative" in a derogatory way as I orient him to the site. Then proceed to tell me he doesn't like it on site and needs to send more resumes out. I'm not confident if he realizes that I am actually his super and can (did) have him terminated. Fuck you, buddy. Next please. Don't tell your coworker you need to keep looking for jobs because one coworker will make that a reality. And DO NOT be that poison guy who makes everyone hate their job by being openly negative. No time for it.


-fixed other people's fuckups. Work order said DVR not staying on post key off (should be t+ 15 minutes). Last contractor wired ignition AND constant to ignition. DUH.


Also used shitty butt connectors and didn't shrink em. One tug and they let live bare un fused wires out. Fire hazard.

-organized my work van. Last guy left it a mess. And I hate it when my my office is a mess. On a related note? The 2013 or so Caravan is a well sorted hauler with decent looks.


-enjoyed a nice dinner.

-read oppo.

-and now, lights out.

Congrats to the dude who is newly single, and the dude who is newly not. You're doing better than I am.

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