That was a hell of a lot of driving for a weekend.

Egad — now we know he lives in Everett! Still...

Drove down for the Portland Oppo meet (day 2 only for me), stayed overnight at a generous Oppo’s dwelling. I think it came out to 660-something miles overall, although I got about 24 miles per gallon overall (WOW!).

I also didn’t grab a photo of the actual vehicles that came for the meet... I tried to take some snaps whilst driving, didn’t work so great.


So here’s some photos of my attempts, but mostly of stuff I saw in Portland and on the way home.

1 lifted boi
Wow, that’s a nice suburban and or Tahoe.
When was the last time you saw an old Isuzu, let alone a diesel? This guy has FOUR.
ANOTHER diesel Isuzu!
Nice Camry
GTFour Celica
Pictured: most of the participants in potato format. Not captured: a purple Chrysler Sebring convertible

Also I was either the slowest or second-slowest vehicle of the group... Not entirely fair when you account for a little hot hatch that weighs significantly less than my car, a Honda bike boi, a twin-turbo 1JZ, an AWD T5 Volvo, annnnnd yeah I guess there was a C63 507 coupe or whatever... Oh who am I kidding, my car is just slow 🙃

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