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Friday :

> Find out about winter track day.

> Work on Sunday, ask only co-worker available to cover shift.

> Co-worker gets fired 15 minutes later.

> Crap. No winter lapping.

> Boss asked me to cover fired (ex) co-workers Saturday close. Then get Sunday off

> Sure. Saturday was supposed to be my day off


> Get call from local Hyundai dealer I applied at for general shop help in the Am. Sweet.


> Shocking I got a response I had my old cell # on my resume, tried calling it. Sent me an e-mail.

> 4.5 hours into shift slip on water, get sent home. Nothing broken. Bad timing being during peak hour on a Saturday(most busy day of the week).


> Super sore left side, pounding headache. Very sore, debating going to track.