I mentioned yesterday that traffic in Philadelphia is super fucked this week because of concurrent events and road closures. I was completely correct. It took me 1.5 hours to leave Philadelphia and get into New Jersey. For comparison, my average commute isn’t an hour, and the longest it’s ever taken me to leave Philadelphia in years of driving there was 45 minutes.

This area outlined in pink, which is about the equivalent of two city blocks in length, took me 30 minutes to get through, because cars following the blue line were blocking the intersection. At the intersection, a single car trying to get to turn onto Vine Street would have to wait an average of three lights before having the chain to turn, and no more than that one car would actually get to turn.

At any rate, for the first half of that, there was a guy on the corner asking for change. I don’t really ever have cash, so when he came to my window I told him I didn’t have anything, but asked him if he smoked, which he did, of course, so I gave him a cigarette. So we spent about the next fifteen minutes just chatting about how fucked up Philadelphia is until traffic moved enough that I could get past his block. I’ve got to say, having someone to talk to while stuck in traffic hell made the whole thing much more tolerable.