You know those annoying fake “this is credit card services” scam calls that everyone gets? Every once in a while, I answer them and ask to be removed from their calling list even though it never works because these are all scammers anyway. Today, the person on the other end of the call decided to mess with me.

Today, I got the usual “this is credit card services, there’s no problem with your account, but you need to speak to us ASAP, press 9 to speak to a representative” robocall. I pressed 9 to speak to a representative and then when the person answered, I politely asked to be removed from their calling list. The person I got on the other end of this call then pretended to either not hear me, not speak English, or some combination thereof, and repeatedly asked me,

“Wait, what? You want to stand on my tall dicks?”

I salute you, heroic zero-fucks-given scam call center employee. I can only hope this is your subtle way of infiltrating the scam telemarketing call center in order to bring it down from within. But I’d settle for getting your employer to stop calling me.