That was close

I’ve talked on here before about how we deal with traffic during rush hour by opening the breakdown lane for travel. This is another example of how mixing dumb design and dumb driving and is dumb.

I had just entered the highway and was (legally) driving in the breakdown lane. I’m still picking up speed, going about 60. The jeep behind me is still closing in quickly when the girl infront of me just stops. 0 mph. DAAAAA FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. There is too much traffic to bail to the next lane so I hit the brakes. The Jeep is still closing in fast with its nose diving. Luckily everyone was able to stop but no i’m stuck at 0 mph as the lane next to me is going at 60-80 mph with heavy traffic. When I was finally able to leave, I beeped at her. I dont know what was wrong. she looked fine, her tires looked fine. I dont know. Had she continued an 1/8th of a mile she could have pulled off the road completely saving me and the Jeep from shitting our pants. After normal life functions resumed operation (pulse, breathing) I started to feel bad and thought I should have pulled over infront of her to at least suggest she moved, but at that moment I was too concerned with not getting run over by a Suburban.


I later saw an Audi like this and all was alright

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