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That was depressing.

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Last year the car developed a whistling noise under WOT. I don’t mean the normal turbo sound either. So I replaced the hoses on the pipe that runs from the intercooler to the throttle body. DIdn’t make a dent.


Today, I replaced the one that connects the turbo to the intercooler, and took it for a spin.

Not only is the whistle just as loud as ever, it won’t build but 4psi of boost, and it doesn’t even accelerate. At all.


For the whistling, I just don’t know. For the slowness, I’m thinking the fuel pressure regulator finally bit the dust. It’s been on it’s way out for years, making cold starts an absolute nightmare.

*Sadness noises*

On the plus side, I did find these neat plug wires in the attic in the garage. Might put them on the Camaro, since I don’t care for the look of the MSDs, they’re way too long, and we broke one. Plus I want to learn how to make wires.

Illustration for article titled That was depressing.
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