Feeling sorry for myself. I spoke at a conference yesterday, and I picked up my son in Malibu today. I made my older one drive back, but that is still about 600 miles in two days and little rest. The last group therapy session was pretty tough. One new kid is a victim of sexual abuse, another is there for a psych eval due to some kind of legal issue, and he was very angry. I guess they got to me, because I surprised myself by telling the one kid about abuse I suffered as a child and how it affected me. This therapy shit gets its hooks in you if you buy into it, and for the last 6 Sundays I have laid myself bare to try to help my son.


A lot of that is just sort of hitting me now. I am not sure I am entirely understanding what I am feeling about all this. Frankly, I do not trust my own self-analysis because of the high degree of professional and business stress I have been going through that started in December. I feel very mentally spent, and my brain feels like a frayed wire.

I am staying home tomorrow to work on home schooling for the rest of the year so he can complete 8th grade without going back go a negative school environment. He even told us he does not care about band, which for a music kid, was shocking to me. But he is doing so much better and looks so much happier that I do not want to derail his progress.

He is an amazing kid and I am so proud that he reached out for help when he needed it. If I can get through the next 3 months, life could be on a path to better fortunes. My life is streaky. I go through periods where things just break my way, and periods where I just can’t win for trying. I am hoping I am accelerating of the curve, so to speak.

I hope the week ahead portends only good for you Oppos. Wherever you live and however you live, we share a common automotive madness that has made this the best place to be online, and I humbly hope I make a a positive contribution here.


How can I be this attached to a group of people I know only through a screen? (CaptDale and I have shared beers and car shows, so he is an exception)

You all rule, and Pumpkin definitely approves of your choices.