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That was weird.

The Saab has been leaking coolant for a few days, so I finally got around to looking under the hood. Antifreeze all over the engine compartment despite there only being a few drips on the floor. I saw one clamp right behind the thermostat that was loose. Like loose enough you could tell by looking at it.

So I pulled the air cleaner off and tightened that up. Decided to tighten the other clamps while I could get to them - they were all loose. Every single one. I figured the first one, I may have just forgotten to tighten after replacing the thermostat this summer. But the rest? I had to do all of those up when I did the thermostat - how did they all get so loose in just a few months?


Now, Iā€™m not saying it was gremlins, but...

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