You may recall (or most likely you don’t) in my last post I had wrapped the headers but wasn’t too happy with how the driver’s side one turned out. I had wrapped the two center pipes together for what could be considered way too far and it was generally ugly. Now having twice the experience as I did when doing that one (as in I did the other header), I unwrapped those two pipes and redid them after work today.

That looks much better, I’d say. Still had to double up on the top since the pipes don’t have room between them where they meet the flange for both to be wrapped individually (there is a single layer of wrap between them, at least).


I also picked up more stainless ties today, so these are officially Done.

One step closer to having the engine bolted in - my goal is to have it in place by the end of the year (which then leaves me a bunch of time to put the car back together around it... hopefully).

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