That's a bumpy boat ride

The weekend before last, my wife and I went out to my parents’ vacation house near St. Michael’s, MD. We took the boat to a restaurant on the water, and in the middle of dinner, everyone’s phone went off with a FLASH FLOOD WARNING emergency alert.

We finished up our meal and went about getting back on the boat. My parents bickered about which way they were going to untie it and push back from the slip. It didn’t really matter, it’s not a big boat, but they were all shouting at each other in front of all the other people on this dock restaurant, and my wife was like OMG EVERYONE IS STARING AT US.


We had about a half hour boat ride home, and while a boat is obviously going to FLOAT in a flood, we didn’t want to get soaked with rain, and also didn’t want to encounter any of the lightning we had seen in the distance.

This boat is nice, but isn’t super fast or powerful. It’s a 2008 Grady White Tournament 205 with a Yamaha 150 hp 4-banger outboard motor. My dad punched it up to 27-28 knots which is about 4400-4500 rpm. It was a bit loud, and a bit bumpy, but we were all fine with that if it meant not getting rained on.

We did in fact make it home before the rain. My wife and mom went in the house while my dad and I put the boat up on the lift and snapped the tonneau on it. Then my dad was all like, “hey come with me to the shed and check out which beach chairs you want to take with you to the beach tomorrow,” and I had to gently remind him there was a bunch of lightning and it was about to start pouring rain. Which it promptly did, about 2 minutes after we went in the house.


Anyway, I just randomly decided to take some pics of the experience and it was kinda purty.

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