I the past I bought, sold, driven, race, pimped and restored quite some old metal. Mostly pre 80's VW like my previous double barrel Weber carb fire spitting '74 VW Passat.

Last week I spotted a VW EOS 2.0 TFSI 200hp DSG on autoscout.de, fitted with the individual package that comes close to full options but with a small note "motorschaden, nicht fahrbereit"

My love for old metal didn't win over the thoughts of late night summer cruises after I checked it out. The price is so low and the general state near mint, it is a viable plan to import the convertible do an engine overhaul :)


I removed the hideous wheel caps on the winter wheels and took it home:


At the moment I am diagnosing the engine's internal damage. After a peek through the sparkplug holes it looks like a "kolbenfresser", scoring on the 2nd and 3rd cylinder. After the appraiser assessed the damage for the import duties (more damage, lower duties!) I am going to pull the engine for an overhaul and uprating of the internals, preparing for uprated ECU software.

Happy on my oppo lock car buy!