That's All, Folks

2-5" of snow expected starting tonight. I’m sure they’ll start brining the roads this evening, and salt while they plow. Time for the SS to take its winter nap.

I’m guessing we’ll only get an inch and it will melt immediately, making any salting a waste of money.

Topped it off with no-ethanol premium a few days ago, ran it through the wash this morning. I don’t plan on getting a car cover. I feel like they cause more issues than they solve, especially in unheated storage. I’ll just get it professionally detailed and waxed in the spring.

Winter project: tidy up my shop.

It’s probably just as well, the Bridgestone Potenzas that came on this car do not like temperatures below 50 degrees. On the freeway on-ramp this morning, I lost traction in 2nd gear. Not much fun to be had until the weather warms up in about 5 months.

See you in the spring!

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