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That's better

Cleaned the interior to a much higher standard than the dealership did when I bought it. Which I’m pretty sure they did with a wet rag and nothing else.

It cleans up very nicely imo. Yes all of the dash is hard plastic (and most of the doors except the upper part of it where you’d set your arm were the window down) but it at least looks nice and isn’t the gross shiny stuff older GMs use. Plus it’s a truck, it should be easy to clean.


I managed to take a good amount of greasy, glossy shine out if the steering wheel with some cleaner and conditioner. It’s much better than it was before.

Some Tuff Stuff on the headliner got some water stains out of it by the rear doors. No idea why it was water stained as it rained multiple days this past week and the headliner was dry as a bone. My only guess is windows got left down.

Otherwise just a normal wipe down with interior multi purpose cleaner and Windex on the gauge/radio faces, mirror, and windows.

Also, can we talk about how great these rear door mechanisms are? Why did it take so long to develop a mechanism that allowed them to open almost 180 degrees?


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