One ride so far and it was NOT a dry one. Pictures don’t do justice to the full coverage of dirt. It was everywhere. But that’s what it’s for! I bought it at 3:00 pm and had to wait until 9:00 to put pedals to it and within 5 minutes I was totally impressed with the traction going up a steep, wet, muddy river bed.


Turns out riding fast down a wet, muddy river will give both you and your bike a good coating. Yes, I hosed it down, wiped it down, and oiled appropriately after. 

I can’t wait to get on it again, it’s lurking in my office just taunting me; I’m hoping to get out at lunch on some trails I can ride to right from here.

behold, generic office furniture and Accessible Beige eggshell wall paint

You know, I think it really ties the room together. That, and it prevents anyone from sitting in the chairs, so, bonus!

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