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That's Better

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Spent some (okay, too much) time today with the 4Runner and some compound. It’s not perfect but it’s a whole lot better than it was. I’ll be finishing this ‘project’ tomorrow, will have a couple more pictures and details then. I’ve had this truck for over a year and hadn’t polished it until now because, frankly, it hardly needed it. The above picture is the worst of the “before” and without a 500W halogen light right on it you couldn’t see much issue.


It does look much better now (and the weird fallout it picked up over a week at the airport this spring is finally gone from the hood and roof) and I think gained about two shades of green-ness. I knew this paint was pretty soft, but damn I didn’t realize it was literally “I can easily leave scratches with my fingernail” soft.

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