That's Borked

Took the starter out last night (two 19mm bolts and electrical connections) and took it to O’Reilly’s to be tested this morning....They wouldn’t test it because the stud on the solenoid that connects the starter and alternator wires was rusted and wobbly loose. That’ll definitely cause starting issues.

(For reference, the starter always sounded like this even with a new battery and cables)


Good thing I preemptively ordered a used starter for $40 because I always had a feeling it had problems.

My Lloyd all-weather mats came in this morning and I started to channel my inner Bob Ross on the floorpan. Unfortunately, I may’ve channeled too much and used too much primer, if that can be done. This should look much better once the primer dries and the black paint is applied with the floormats on top.

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