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That's definitely how that should be

A while ago I had noticed that the RX7's clutch master cylinder was beginning to seep into the footwell a hair (not enough to make it anywhere, but wet on the back of the piston and right below / on the pushrod). Since the fluid in the reservoir also looked like a milkshake and the flex line was dryrotting, I figured I’d replace the whole thing and do the master and slave cylinders plus the flex line.

There was nothing noticeably wrong with the slave cylinder, but it’s one of those “while I’m at it” things that might as well be done since I’d have the whole system apart anyways. I took the old one off, and popped off the boot...

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I guess it was leaky, too. Not a drop made it past that boot, though! I guess the lesson here is that not all of the “might as well, while I’m in here” stuff is as excessive as it may seem.


The new master cylinder, slave cylinder, and braided flex line are in place and bled with ATE Typ200 (same as I have in the hydraulics of all my cars). Clutch is a bit firmer than it was if anything, so all is well now. This is the last work I have planned for the RX7 this year (unless anything new comes up), so it’s time for it to resume daily duties like last year.

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