That's... Generous

We all know about various license plate types. Antique plates, for example, are supposed to be for vehicles over a certain age, and there are usually mileage or usage restrictions, so someone isn’t just registering their old hoopty as an antique to save on taxes.

Agricultural plates, you usually see on old pickups that would never pass inspection, but they’re fine “farm trucks” and sure, they occasionally go on the road to get hay or whatever. But you have to provide some evidence of agricultural income, and there are other stipulations. Here’s the language, for New Hampshire:

Vehicle must be a truck, truck-tractor or tractor and shall only be driven within a 20 mile radius from the main entrance to the farm and used for agricultural purposes.


Welp, as with any rule, it’ll be stretched, tested, and broken. This “truck-tractor” was spotted at my local Agway yesterday, the driver got out and asked me if he could go look at the loam. “I don’t work here but I can’t imagine that would be a problem.” Your beater first-gen X5 on the other hand, probably shouldn’t have gotten AG plates. But hey, if you really use it for farm work, hats off to you, sir. Entirely possible; it’s just... not what you’d call a typical farm truck. 

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