That's good?


The good - The GX looks great cleaned up, even in bridge club white. Chemical guys wash really works. Also clay barred of the iron fallout that was on the paint so its not looking like it’s contagious anymore.

Bad news? The cruiser is going to be at the dealer for a week and when I get it back its going to cost me a crapload. injector 6 died on me on Thursday so I limped it into the shop. They replaced the injector and blew it again. there was a short in the engine wire harness. This would be the 3rd time I’ve repaired it. No more.

Ordered Toyota part 82121-60343 to be installed. 8 hours of labor and the part aint cheap, but I can’t keep repairing a harness that clearly does NOT want to be repaired.


See all that shiny stuff? thats insulation that the factory harness never came with. Want to guess why my harness is bad? heat. melted wires and brittle wire. They routed the bundle right behind the EGR, which was a poor choice in hindsight. I also had a nice chat with a very knowledgable man about a very effective way to silence my EGR once and for all. bb’s. One in each of the vacuum lines to the Vacuum switching valve. Then the pressure is always uniform in to out and the EGR never opens. I know that EGR’s are good but this one is causing nothing but trouble and has to die.

Also good (?) news. I got the axle for the GX that will be installed by the Lexus dealer gratis, but it will have to wait until after I get the cruiser back. Also with Premium Fuel the VVT-i kicks in HARD on this thing. its a short window, from about 4800-5600 but its strong and I like. If the 80 series had this motor, trans and TC it would be freaking amazing.  

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