I the regulars of Oppo know I hate my job. Many of you have rightly asked why I put up with it. Well, I can’t take it anymore. I may go back to the local Honda store.

Many straws were on my back. I think the straw that broke my back, though, was my boss getting pissed off at me because I couldn’t defraud a customer. Oh and not paying me for Memorial Day is pretty fucked up.

My week so far:

I’ve blocked Tuesday out. I can’t remember what happened, but I know I was irritated as fuck.

Yesterday: a customer was oggling over my box and walked right past the cone and then asked my boss if he could stick his nose in it, and my boss said yes! And when I told my boss afterwards I don’t want people in, around, or near my box, he just shrugged.


Recent events: He paid me late and a credit card got paid so I had to shuffle money around to avoid being overdrawn. And when I asked him when the check came in (it was dated for a Friday, he paid me on a Monday), he just shrugged and said I dunno.

I could go on, but I am so over it. I would rather go back to working on cars, working in a shit dealership and being around people I can’t stand just so I can maybe be treated with a little respect. And I can probably get paid a hell of a lot more somewhere else.

Oh and on the fraud: I smogged an Expedition earlier which had a dead battery, so it didn’t pass because the memory in the computer had been cleared. All the customer needs to do is drive it, but my boss wanted me to tell him it needs to be fixed. I BS’d my way out of it with the customer and my boss got pissed off.


And he regularly passes cars that shouldn’t be passed. He cheats the system. And he will turn around and pass cars I’ve failed because he’s an idiot. And he will argue with me in front of customers and make us both look stupid.

Can’t. Take. It.