I feel foolish. I’m confused, rocked even. Though I’ve tuned a few cars, I’ve since become a big proponent of keeping cars bone stock. Something ignorant inside of me decided over a decade ago that I was done ruining cars and would trust that the OEM was going to, for the most part, install the most efficient durable part for the job, and they’d be crazy not to. My co-worker bought me a TRD cold air intake for my Tundra this week just to prove to me how ignorant I was being.


I’m so shattered as person after having put about 200 miles on my truck with the new intake. MPG is legitimately 1.5-2 miles to the gallon better, power (especially throttle response) is slightly but appreciably improved, and even if it wasn’t doing those things, it sounds SICK. To add to the depths of my ignorance, I always thought people were lying about MPG gains from exhaust and intakes... WHY!?!?

A couple of MPG improvement doesn’t matter in a normal sized car, but when you think about how many gallons a mile a truck gets compared to say a Honda Accord, a 2 MPG improvement is pretty significant. Especially in a vehicle that does 13/18 from the factory.

I’m almost upset to realize that most of the bigillions of trucks I see on the road are could be getting 4-5 MPG better if the driver could tolerate a little more noise from their intake and exhaust when they hit the gas. It’s hard to understand why you’d drive something with a massive V8 and not want to hear it, but there’s no accounting for taste, I suppose.


I get that some people need to have a quiet car, and it’d really bug some people, but why isn’t it at least an option from the factory? Even on base model cars, why the heck wouldn’t they offer a slightly louder version of the car that gets better mileage. The intake doesn’t need to be fancier or look better, but it can at least let the car breath and not offer up restriction just to kill sound. The fact that this filter is reusable makes it just that much less of a “fuck you” to the environment.

What am I missing here? Is there some sort of regulation that demands this jackassery? Is this really people just driving automakers to make poor decisions, or is this the product of the number crunchers just not caring enough to accommodate two different intake choices on a vehicle?