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That's it, that's all. Mazda is Sold.

My 2005 Mazda 3 is officially sold. Now the real hunt begins.

It has been officially 1 year and two days since I got it from my sister, and now it is on to it’s new owner. It’s bittersweet. On one hand, the high mileage was bringing expensive repair bills left and right, and I can now get something more fun; on the other, it was a great car when it worked, and I’ll kind of miss it (kept one of the plates as a memento). As far as new cars go, I’ve been looking into a few options:

S14 240sx (only want a clean one with working AC)

Z32 NA 300zx

IS300 (there’s one for sale locally but the seller isn’t responding)

E30 (Hard to find a nice one down here in my price range)

EP3 Civic Si

RSX Type-S (Would prefer over Civic)

Mazdaspeed protege (That’s iffy)


Really anything sporty in the $4500 range. I don’t really want another mustang as a DD, so that leaves out SN95/New Edge GT mustangs. Has to be manual. I would get a miata, but I really can’t sacrifice that much space for a DD, and I fit in an NA, but not that well. Suggestions are welcomed! But please post something you truly know to be reliable (Looking at you, E46 BMWs).

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