New hose next to the old one for comparison.

Looked under the Mustang’s hood the other day, only to find the upper radiator hose about to pop. Yikes!

Apologies for not thinking to take pics until after the engine had cooled... You might be able to still pick up a little of the swelling here though. What you’re missing out on is that it had inflated to about 2.5-3" (original hose size is 1.5", which yields an OD of about 1.8"). Obviously, the above pic doesn’t do it justice.

I’ve never caught one in the act before, only after bursting. Lucky! Might as well go ahead and replace the lower one, too. They’re both 22 years old at this point.


Don’t forget to transfer the spring! (That goop you see is petroleum jelly, to lubricate the hose for easy installation. I think I used a little too much.)

I was planning to change both of the hoses when the time came for a new radiator, but that day hasn’t come yet. I did, however, notice a bit of seepage from the seal where the plastic end tank meets the aluminum core.


So rather than replace the radiator, or install a new end tank gasket, I just took some pliers and pinched the metal finger a little tighter. No more leaky!

BTW, I strained and re-used my old coolant, as it had less than 5,000 miles on it. PROTIP: fold a paper towel in half twice, open it between the folds, and it’ll fit a 45° funnel perfectly. Instant filter!


Oh, and if you’re looking at buying a catch-pan like this, DON’T. As you go to pour the liquid out, the design of the spout makes it want to spill. When fluid reaches the wide, rounded spout, it floods that edge, pouring over like a waterfall instead of a nice, concentrated stream. Worst catch-pan EVAR.