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That's less than ideal

You may recall a few days ago I did a much needed ignition tune up on the alfa. Well while I was doing that I noticed a very suspicious crack in the valve cover, at the time I didn’t pay much mind to it because the car was running fine and not making any odd noises and just chalked it up to shoddy Italian casting being heat cycled one too many times.

But curiosity was getting the best of me because it looked very much like something had struck the valve cover from the inside. So I removed the valve cover and found that the middle bearing cap was loose enough to move up and down with the camshaft rotated, not good at all. I’m assuming what happened is the the nuts holding the cap down loosened up which allowed the cap itself to move and eventually pulling the studs out from the head. Luckily though there was little foward-back movement so bearing and cam are still in ok shape.

Everything in this photo was removed by hand.

I was able to get one stud to thread back in and torque down, whether or not it holds that torque is anybody’s guess, the other stud is totally stripped in the head. My best best now would be to source a used head/whole engine which honestly I was planning on doing anyways because the engine in it now is as tired as a 900 year old camel.

Extra destruction pics.


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