So I matched with someone on Tinder and messaged her that I liked her hair. She said she liked mine, too, and asked what I was looking for and whatnot. All normal stuff, definitely not a bot account. (she commented on my shirt in one message) Then she said she was going to lose wifi and didn’t have unlimited data, so she asked for my number. I gave it to her. A few minutes went by with no texts or calls, so I went back to Tinder. She had unmatched with me. Just now, a couple hours later, I got a spam text using vastly inferior grammar and spelling that said, “hey sweetie we talkd on tinder wanna hangout?”

Seriously, I know that these scammers have no morals, but still. I’m not sure if “she” was the scammer him/herself, or if she was an actual person who sold my info. In either case, that’s just not okay.


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