As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve spent most of the past nearly-two-months traveling for work. A lot of that was relatively local, which has the benefit of being able to drive my own car (and get paid mileage). Since the 4Runner desperately needs brakes, I took the Crown Vic.

A couple weeks ago I noticed a bit of noise from the front right. I figured it was the endlinks, as these cars like to eat front endlinks. This past week I noticed on the highway it was a bit wander-y. I decided when I got home and put the snow tires on (which is today’s lunchtime fun) to check it out. I’m glad that I did (see video).

Cue the ‘just rolled into the shop’ post (if I had a reddit account)

Looks like a passenger’s side outer tie rod end and driver’s side upper balljoint (which I replaced like two years ago) are going to have to get squeezed into the to-do list for this weekend. At least parts for this car are cheap.


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