That's not going to be cheap

I believe the ECU is bad on the Infiniti. Random cylinder misfires, intermittent, and the plugs and coils are all good. It also likes to die when you first start it. Problems point to the ECU from what I can see. I found one for $150.…

Is this the right part?

Plus, I figure once I get the part (when I can get it), it’ll have to be programmed by the dealer, which I can imagine will be expensive as well. Ugh. I hope that this solves the issue.


Most of the ECUs I saw were like $900 and up, like this one:…

I don’t know how that’s any different from the first one. I can’t find anything on RockAuto. But I have a feeling that this certainly is going to be a pain to fix. Flippin’ computer systems in cars.

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