I bought this Harbor Frieght 4x8 folding trailer seven years ago for something like $209. We used it to move across town, when we moved from our last rental house into our newly purchased home. It is, for like of a better term, a janky piece of crap, but it did the job.

Every year when its license plate comes up for renewal, I debate whether or not it’s worth it to keep the trailer. But at only $18, that’s cheaper than renting a trailer even once, so I always end up doing it. Truth be told, over the years I have moved a TON of shit with this trailer.

It’s gotten progressively jankier over the years. I threw a new $16 light kit on it last year after a year where the lights didn’t work.

Well, today I found its limits. I filled it with soil and weeds (I haaaaate landscaping, but none of the landscapers I tried to hire would call me back). I knew the old tires weren’t happy about that, and since my air compressor is down I decided to head to the gas station to air them up before heading to the landscape waste dump. I cut the corner too sharp and the right side tire blew out against the broken curb.


I decided to limp back home, take off the wheel, and see if the local trailer shop had a wheel and tire that would fit. I unhitched the trailer, put the tongue on its jack, and started jacking up the side of the trailer. That’s when this happened.


Fuckity fuck fuck!!!

The tongue beam the jack was bolted to yielded and dropped it to the ground. The trailer was officially dead.

So, I got to spend the rest of the afternoon shoveling all this.


Into the back of my truck

Here’s the aftermath.


Tomorrow I have to get the dirt to the dump, then haul the trailer to the scrap yard.