Thats not gone well...

Some may remember a post I made a little while ago asking for bike rack recommendations. Well it looks like the time-frame for purchasing a new rack has been pushed up.


The above picture is not mine, but my picture was taken from underneath the circled area. Where the receiver insert meets the rack flange. its basically two pieces of plate with square tubing (the receiver) welded in between. The receiver insert is then bolted to the receiver.

The rack had developed a sway in that area, so I took it apart and inspected it, found nothing, and put it back together. I just figured it was something it was going to do from now on. However yesterday the swaying was noticeably worse, so I got underneath to re-tighten the bolts which is when I discovered the cracks around the bolts and in the weld. I drove well below the speed limit on the way home and avoided major highways. Full pucker.

I sent an email off to Swagman to see if its still under warranty, but I doubt it. I’m just glad it didn’t snap off on the highway, destroying almost $3000 worth of bikes, the car of whoever happened to be behind me, not to mention the possible injuries.

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