That's not gone well. Smoke & oil everywhere.

My dad got his oil changed today on his 2015 Nissan Rogue. He drove it home, mowed the lawn, then took it to the bank. On his way to the bank, he noticed a little smoke from the engine bay and he thought “he must has dripped a little when he changed the oil”. A minute later, smoke is pouring from everywhere around the car and he hears a loud bang (which is something because hearing isn’t my dad’s strong suit) and he pulls into a parking lot. The picture above is what he’s greeted to when he looks under the car.

From oil change to house is ~5 miles and from house to bank is about ~5 miles. He didn’t see any lights on the dash but wasn’t really looking.


When my mom checked the driveway, she saw some fresh oil drips where he parked after the oil change. My current theory is that the oil change guy forgot to put on or secure the filter and that it threw a rod through the oil pan (the bang). Unfortunately, I live 3000 miles away so I’m just phone-tech support on this one.

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