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That's not good

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A fire has broken out overnight at the interchange of the 5/14/210/405 freeways. This is one of the busiest intersections in Los Angeles and likely the world. The amount of people commuting through there on a daily basis is staggering and a fire shutting down all of those freeways around there is going to have a ripple effect across the county. More importantly for me, it’s certainly going to make it smell like a campfire around home and that was my route to get up to the mountains for my backpacking trip. I was gonna take the miata to work and then come home and grab the Subaru for my trip. But now I’m likely to have to take a long detour around this so I might as well just take the Subaru now even though it means I’ll have to make an additional gas stop due to the added miles. Hopefully the wind dies down before more people are effected. Evacuations have already begun overnight. 


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