Or traffic lights, that’s not how any of this works.

So today I was yelled at by a stupid individual in a minivan for trying to go at a green light. I was waiting to turn left a green light, and the on coming vehicle wasn’t moving. I was confused, wondering if I she was also turning left? So I inched forward some more. She starts driving forward... then pulls up to me and rolls her window down.

She then begins to chew me out because “ you were supposed to wait for those kids to cross, at the crosswalk.” Now I’ll admit I flipped out, I called her and f*cking idiot, she started talking again and I yelled “you need to moooooove, you’re in the middle of an intersection”. Then she told me I could go behind her, and signaled to the kids to cross.

Keep in mind there was at least one more car behind each of us.

This incident was the most road rage-y I’ve ever been, because it was the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen someone do behind the wheel of a car. The worst thing is the kids, probably high school freshman, knew what they were doing, the crosswalk sign was red, and traffic had a green light. They knew they couldn’t cross, but this 40 something year old woman with a stick up her butt, thought she knew better.