That's Not How This Works

I’m not sure FedEx understands what Overnight means. Like your cousin Joey who just needs a place to crash “for the night, while the dust settles with my girlfriend - maybe two nights. No more than a week. Maybe two.”

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It’s Friday morning here, 7:59 am. “Overnight” should at LEAST mean Monday delivery, if they don’t do Saturdays. But I would kind of expect Saturday.

It’s a pretty reasonable price for “overnight” though, so maybe that’s why it’s actually 4 days; 2 business days at least, and more like 3. Needless to say, I’m going with FAST ‘N’ FREE, six days. Whatever, I’m not in a rush. My current phone is acting pretty sketchy but it’ll make it.


Damn, though, we are spoiled with Amazon Prime 2-day delivery on everything. 

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