This is the aftermath. Anyways, yesterday I bought a full set of ,near new, used all seasons to replace the worn out summers on my car,( I kept two of the four summers because they still have life). Today I’m driving from class to work,on the interstate. Driving 80 because I had to sit in the Taco Bell drive through for 15-20 minutes, I here a very sudden whining noise and excessive vibration along with a tire pressure light, and the car pulling hard. By the time of pulled of to the side the tire is trashed, the rim has already gouged a ring in the sidewalk of the completely flat tire. Weird thing is, my tire pressure sensor kept tripping ever since yesterday, but I’ve been obsessively checking pressure and everything is holding steady at 35 lbs, until now. Tomorrow I’m going to try to get a refund on the obviously defective tire.


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