Hey look, an unassembled bigass shelf unit from Home Depot fits in the back of my silly BMW coupe just fine! Score one for for folding seats.

My wife and I have a lot of junk stored in our oversized 1-car garage, because it’s the main storage space in our little townhouse. We’ve been inundated with wedding presents (yay free stuff!) which has only served to make the garage that much more over-stuffed.


We went to Menard’s last weekend to get shelves but they were all crap. I said I’d swing by Home Depot on my way home from work one day. So on Friday I found this nice stainless shelf, and juuust fit it into my car.

I was also supposed to get a new, taller, shepherd’s hook for the bird feeder outside our front window, but I may have forgotten that. Oops. At least my wife is very happy with the now-assembled shelf in the garage.

Bet that shepherd’s hook will fit in my car though!

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