That's what happens if you're passive-aggressive in the workplace

At my job, I have two troublesome admins: Particularly Religious Coworker and Bubblehead. I have now gotten sweet, sweet revenge—just a tiny little bit—for their stupidity in the last episode of Particularly Religious Coworker & Bubblehead.


My office is down the hall from the main lobby. Bubblehead likes to sit up at the front desk and complain about her problems to another couple of coworkers, and for some reason expects that her conversations in the middle of the lobby will be treated like they’re private.

If a manager like me happens to walk through the lobby during one of these bitchfests and offers to help her with her totally-fixable problem, she clams up and refuses any help. She’d rather suffer through whatever it is she’s complaining about, than let someone invade her “privacy” she expects to have while sitting in the middle of a lobby.

Instead of finding some actually-private location to complain, or approaching one of the managers about her complaints, for the past couple weeks Bubblehead has been keeping the double doors between the lobby and the hallway down to my office closed. This is with the permission of Particularly Religious Coworker, who is the more senior admin.

I asked PRC, who I have a better rapport with, why the doors were closed. She gave a vague response about “avoiding distractions” and “giving privacy,” which really meant “we don’t want you to overhear us whining about things you can fix but we won’t let you fix because then we wouldn’t have things to complain about.”


Having an argument with these two about the doors wouldn’t be productive. But my boss agrees with me that it’s a bit too much like the inmates running the asylum with our administrative folks, and later this week we’re going to sit them down and go over all the stupid things they do which they need to stop doing. It’s a long list.

In the meantime, today I’ve had some mildly satisfying revenge. The air conditioning is all messed up in part, but not all, of the office. My office and hallway are totally fine, but it’s stifling up in the lobby. It would probably cool down the lobby a whole bunch if the double doors were open, but I’m keeping that little idea to myself. They can roast up there for all I care. Enjoy your “privacy,” witches!

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