(there can be only one. #highlander)

Early this morning a Facebook fan messaged me with a link to a post on Reddit/r/pics...a member posted this(my) image as original content. And while strictly speaking he didn't claim to be the creator or the piece in the original post, in responses to the first few comments in that thread and in a futurama sub he certainly took credit for it. So I went in and cleared it up...and sent out links on FB and Twitter asking any of my followers if they'd vouch for me. They did, it and it's awesome: http://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comment…

Other people post my pics a lot. Happens a lot on Instagram, with the welds and the sculptures. I don't necessarily have an issue with it if they give me credit...or at the very least DON'T claim it as their own work. Friends and fans keep telling me to watermark stuff, but I've already got like 10k+ unmarked images on Flickr alone. Besides, it's more entertaining calling douchebags out.

So now my goal is to become so internet famous that everyone just recognizes my work when they see it. HA!